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room additions san diegoChoosing the right room additions San Diego contractor is the most important factor in a successful San Diego home remodeling project.  The wrong contractor can make the building process a nightmare, costing you time, money and many headaches.  The right contractor can ensure a pleasant experience, a quality project and a smooth process.   In the video and article below we will give you advanced tips that you likely haven’t seen anywhere else.

We’re here to help.  We’ve recorded a short video providing tips for choosing San Diego home remodeling contractors:

Choosing the Right Contractor – Room Additions San Diego – Tip #1:

  • Review the contractor’s payment schedule.  Reputable room additions San Diego contractors will not ask for upfront money to cover labor or materials in order to start your San Diego home remodeling project.  If the contractor needs your money to fund the beginning of the project, beware!  The San Diego room additions contractor you choose should have detailed schedules outlining each phase of work and only after each phase is complete and approved by you should payments be requested.

Choosing the Right Contractor – Room Additions San Diego – Tip #2:

  • Ask and compare approximate times of completion.  Often untrustworthy contractors will tell you what you want to hear instead of the truth.  They will claim they can finish your project faster than everyone else in order to win your business.  The reality is that construction takes time.  You want a San Diego home remodeling contractor who is honest and that sets reasonable expectations.  If a contractor begins the project by lying to you about timing, they’ll likely lie to you about many more things throughout your room addition.

Choosing the Right Contractor – Room Additions San Diego – Tip #3:

  • Consider their responsiveness.  During your initial meetings, consider how responsive the contractor is to your questions.  Also consider their follow through on deliverables and timing.  If a contractor is not responsive or misses deadlines while trying to win your business, imagine what they’ll be like after they’ve started your project.

Choosing the Right Contractor – Room Additions San Diego – Tip #4:

  • Ask yourself if you would you go into business with the contractor.  Asking this question is important.  You will be working with and relying on this person every step of the way.  They will advise you on how to maintain your budget on materials and finishes.  The will also be inside your home and around your family throughout the coming months.  Do you feel like you can trust this person?  Are you confident in their integrity and competency?   If not, do not hire them.

A final point to remember is that once you choose a contractor for your San Diego room addition you’re stuck with them.  It is very costly and not easy to change contractors in the middle of a project.  In addition, most reputable San Diego room additions contractors will not be willing to put their name on a project begun by an untrustworthy contractor.  So carefully chose your contractor based on the considerations above.  Doing so will help you make a wise choice and will help you to avoid being yet another construction horror story.

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By Jason Salgado

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